About us

CreditBird system

CreditBird is a peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platform in the form of mobile applications. The system that helps connect those who need to borrow money and those with idle money lend money to reach a common agreement, beneficial to all parties.

With the CreditBird application, you can borrow money or raise capital easily from the prestigious community, by your individual step by step building your reputation with the community. You will establish a habit of keeping your reputation, the ability to use loans effectively, repaying debt gently and with abundant capacity. Once your financial ability has stabilized, you can turn to helping newcomers in the community to grow and also benefit from lending through CreditBird’s connection.


Individuals: Foundations are seen as initiators of a new paradigm-based financial system approach.

Enterprises: Global businesses, industry in the field of peer to peer financial connection, individual community.


Help users and individuals form prestigious habits and effective financial management habits. Help users gradually build personal financial reputation with the community. Can be financially global.

Core values:

Prestige, transparency, bring value benefits to all parties. Together prestige and richer!

Development team

Tran Trong Tri and Tran Cong Vuong are the co-founders of the CreditBird app, along with a group of talented individuals who created this app to solve the financial problems you often encounter, namely in borrowing process. The founding team has spent more than 8 years working in the field of finance and banking, information technology.

We found that the criteria for evaluating lending decisions for an audience are not the same and not fixed, neither good nor bad forever, it all depends on how you approach.

There are many different sources for you to access the capital to accomplish your goals. And vice versa, there are many sources for you to maximize the profit of your capital. The application of technology will help you faster and more accurately.

Our team understands the business well, applies technology to concretize your borrowing needs into transactions. By connecting the right people together, appropriate financial needs need timely support.

We always acknowledge comments and feedbacks from users, thereby improving the CreditBird product, making CreditBird more user friendly, more convenient, more timely, smarter, and more user-aware.

Above all and everything we do is to bring you good values, help you become more prestigious and more prosperous.

Please contact us and start using CreditBird to join the wealthy and prestigious community.